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  1. lnem, #??

    there has been a lot of goodbyes in the last couple of weeks. you never know how relationships fill you up until all that’s left are empty spaces in your life. i’ve always viewed goodbyes as a natural part of life - people come, people go - but then again i’ve always been the one leaving.

    not this time though. this time, the reminders are there. an empty room, a parting gift, the physical absence of another person’s voice.

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  2. gocookyourself:

    Asparagus Breakfast Dippers

    It’s our 3rd birthday! Here’s a simple 3-ingredient recipe to celebrate…

    Asparagus / Parma Ham / Eggs (1)

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  3. cultureincart:

    The Flavor of ChineseTea

    中国茶韵  cultureincart