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  1. jihyelover:

Ji Hye Park by Takahiro Ogawa for Manifesto Magazine April 2014


    Ji Hye Park by Takahiro Ogawa for Manifesto Magazine April 2014

  2. channelingpuddings replied to your post: Hitting the beach after work for yet a…

    i use think of sandflies when i see the beach now

    life lesson: i will never go to the beach when i visit u

  3. Hitting the beach after work for yet another BBQ party. :>

  4. Dinner at the Thai restaurant on the hill at my resort. :3 The first time I was here I was too drunk off my face to take much in, but this second time was the full experience. The place was gorgeous (my favourite detail was the ceiling of flower chandeliers), the food was great, unfortunately the service was slow and confused.

    • Can’t remember what this drink was called but it was basically red chili, lemongrass, and a conspicuous amount of vodka.
    • Grilled squid with black squid ink sauce. I’m very into that sauce.
    • My grilled duck curry with sweet fruits (lychee, pineapple, grapes, and tomato).
    • Mom’s pad thai.
    • Coconut ginger crème brûlée the hero of the day. There was also mango coconut sticky rice which was heavenly but both mom’s and my phone simultaneously died before it could be documented…
  5. lnem, #??

    there has been a lot of goodbyes in the last couple of weeks. you never know how relationships fill you up until all that’s left are empty spaces in your life. i’ve always viewed goodbyes as a natural part of life - people come, people go - but then again i’ve always been the one leaving.

    not this time though. this time, the reminders are there. an empty room, a parting gift, the physical absence of another person’s voice.

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  6. gocookyourself:

    Asparagus Breakfast Dippers

    It’s our 3rd birthday! Here’s a simple 3-ingredient recipe to celebrate…

    Asparagus / Parma Ham / Eggs (1)

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