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  1. Anonymous said: I find you to be so cool, amazing and inspirational. You make me want to achieve greater things, travel the world, read intelligent and interesting books, and enjoy amazing food. You are so awesome and thank you for running your blogs and for the fics you've written <3.

    Growing into the young adult life, I never thought I’d ever be any example of a well-adjusted young woman. It would have been absolutely baffling for my 20-year-old self that I could ever be anyone’s idea of inspirational (I was/am the queen of Bad Life Decisions), so what you say means a lot to me. I hope you have the chance to achieve great things, travel the world, read all the books, and enjoy amazing food, too! Though as long as you find little moments of happiness in your every day life, it’s already a good journey.

  2. goodmorningbunny:

    Celadon Tea Tray, by Eilong, featured in Red Dot Design

    Eilong’s designs have enthralled me - their design is thoughtful, clean with a little twist that brings a modern edginess into tea culture. I probably adore their stuff so much because it’s a personal philosophy I buy into as well. The devil is in the details and when it comes to tea pieces, I daresay anything from Eilong nails it.

  3. food52:

    Sauce up your wings with Sriracha and honey.

    Easy Gourmet Hot Wings + A Giveaway! via i am a food blog

  4. Anonymous said: alexa~ how do you know all these good places to eat all around the world? T_T do you like, follow food bloggers? or is it all just word of mouth from friends? i'm planning a trip to a city i've never been to and coming up with a list of places to try is so tedious ;;

    every time i go somewhere, i hit up google for rec list from food blogs! there’s always bound to be at least 3 good food blogs for each city, and you just cross-reference with other reviews/websites from there. mostly i just really enjoy looking at pictures of delicious food lol so it’s never a chore at all. trust me, there’s a lot of restaurant rec lists out there for your city of choice.

  5. food52:

    Take a bite out of the full moon.

    How to Make Traditional Cantonese Mooncakes at Home on Food52

  6. Anonymous said: Alexa~~ What is your occupation?

    i work in marketing for a resort~

  7. Hong Kong building blocks. We took the bus from the airport and back, and it was an excellent sightseeing tour on itself.

  8. Obligatory Victoria Harbour.