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Narciso Rodriguez Resort 2015

    Narciso Rodriguez Resort 2015

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    Urban Cage by Yi-Ting Chen

  3. Anonymous said: Chi oi~~~ You are an inspiration (:

    oh how…….. thank you tho :3

  4. I’m not even sure exactly when mid-autumn festival is, but here goes: red sticky rice liquor and mooncake for a Saturday morning. The tiny cup was made for me by my bb! If he ever opens a pottery shop, I’ll be his biggest patron. The mooncake was from my aunt. It’s her first year making mooncake - so different from the store-bought kind and yet so genuinely great. Salted egg yolk is my religion.

  5. Back in the kitchen: grilled honey mustard chicken with sautéed mushrooms. The chicken (from our farm!) was tender with caramelised sweetness and spice. I’ve missed cooking.

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    Get to the heart of the matter.

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